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  • It All Starts Here

    It All Starts Here

    Whether it’s a cozy mystery or a blood-soaked noir you’re writing (and/or reading), it all starts here: with relationships. Why is that? One reason is that relationships mean conflict. And conflict is the red blood coursing through the body of any good crime fiction. Do you agree? How do you leverage this in your stories…

  • Holiday-theme Stories For the Win

    Holiday-theme Stories For the Win

    Who hasn’t read Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? Holiday-themed stories and books abound … but what about those with a criminal twist? A perplexing mystery? Readers and writers and the generally curious are invited to a guided open discussion on writing, reading, and marketing holiday-themed stories. What’s the appeal (as a reader) and the challenges (as…

  • Mysteries of Short Stories – Making, and Marketing

    Mysteries of Short Stories – Making, and Marketing

    Short stories are rather like cupcakes. Tasty and quickly consumable in a single sitting. They’re the chosen medium for a huge number of crafty authors, going back to the arguable father of the short story (and so many other things), a parent of our chosen genre of mystery, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe. Short stories can…

  • Is writer’s block real?

    Is writer’s block real?

    This Saturday, 12 August, we’ll be meeting at the Garden City Public Library to have an open guided discussion on this topic. Come join us to share. Let’s compare problems and solutions and see if we can come up with a plan or strategy to keep you writing. We’d appreciate you registering for this free…