name Idaho Sisters in Crime is stylized, includes jeweled dagger

Idaho SinC Meetings

In May we conducted a survey to pick up some clues about our prospective members. Turns out that we’re richly diverse. This is terrifically advantageous!

So our first step was to build on our base of alternate-month meetings. Here’s where we are now:

  • Presentations By Pros. These are conducted odd-numbered months, typically at the Idaho Pizza on Fairview in Boise. (Details can always be found on our Calendar page). We’ll learn from professionals in law enforcement, crime detection, or working full-time writers.
    These meetings are open to the public.
  • What’s the Story? We’ll meet at a local library even-numbered months for a guided open discussion around a given topic. (Again: see Calendar page)
    These meetings are unadvertised and geared toward members.

Live or Zoom?

The survey indicated that while there’s a general preference for in-person meetings, there is an interest in both types. In addition:

  • Many of our Presentations By Pros people are outside the state
  • We recognize that “Boise” or “the Treasure Valley” isn’t the whole state, and we want to support members outside the area in a meaningful way