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Our kick-off meeting!

Thursday, January 12 saw a conclave of crime writers of various stripes and types meet for the initial semi-official meeting of Idaho Sisters in Crime. (It’s semi-official because we’re still in the process of preparing for applying to become an official chapter of Sisters in Crime.)

What follows here are some highlights, but be sure you’re signed up to our newsletter’s mailing list to learn more.

We need some interim officers for about the next six or eight months until we’re organized (official) and can have proper elections. Here are the open slots:

  • President; Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary
  • Membership Chair; Program Chair; Publicity Chair

(Note: Cheryl offered to be interim Secretary, and since the meeting, Sherry has agreed to be interim President.)

We’re looking for feedback and ideas for what you’d like to see in your local Sisters in Crime:

  • Do you have ideas for presenters we could approach?
  • Would you like to meet in the non-meeting months (that is, the even months)? What would those meetings look like?
  • What would prospective members that are based outside the Treasure Valley like to see?

Contact us with your thoughts and let us know if you can contribute temporarily in one of the interim positions. We don’t want to stall before we even get going!

Image by Priscilla du Preez on Unsplash