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Mysteries of Short Stories – Making, and Marketing

Short stories are rather like cupcakes. Tasty and quickly consumable in a single sitting. They’re the chosen medium for a huge number of crafty authors, going back to the arguable father of the short story (and so many other things), a parent of our chosen genre of mystery, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe.

Short stories can excel in a Pithy Presentation with Punch — in ways that longer-form works like novella and novels cannot.

Is this an area in which you work? Are you interested, but finding it difficult to find your “short story sea legs”?

Whether you have questions to ask — or experience and expertise to share — please join us in a guided discussion covering both the crafting of short stories — as well as what to do with them once they’re written.

We’d love to have you . These alternate-month Library! meetings are both to share your knowledge and experience, and to ask questions that fellow IdahoSinC members can help you with.

Your pre-registration is helpful for planning. Thanks!

Photo by Lore Schodts on Unsplash