name Idaho Sisters in Crime is stylized, includes jeweled dagger
Criminalist studying fingerprints with magnifying glass, closeup

We’re Looking at You!

What can we do to help you be a success? As we get closer to the time your interim officers will submit our group to SinC National for approval as a Sisters in Crime chapter, we need to know more about what you need and want.

On Friday 28 April we’re sending a survey to everyone signed up for our newsletter to learn just that. We want to make Idaho Sisters in Crime valuable to you as a resource and a connection to your goals.

Please be sure and submit your response
by the cut-off of Saturday 6 May.

And then…join us for our May meeting on Thursday the 11th at Idaho Pizza. We’ll be discussing the results of the survey and where you think we should focus. Your registration is requested (Eventbrite link).

In the meantime, be sure to note the new “Critique Groups” menu item at the top of this page. And coming soon: a Calendar page…because, yes: we’re going to have discussion meetings on the in-between months, on the second Saturday, at the Garden City Public Library.

Are you out of the Treasure Valley area? Reach out and contact us and let us know how we can better serve you.